Monday, 15 February 2016

4 Ingredient Almond Energy Balls

Don't these energy balls look so good? They taste pretty good too and they remind me a bit of a Ferrero Rocher, I should totally try making some energy balls inspired by them! I can already taste it, yum. What I love about these is that they're so easy to eat, probably because my brain thinks I'm eating some kind of junk food haha.

Most times I can control myself but sometimes I get this big craving to eat chocolate or something sweet. And I just end up going for that chocolate or sweet thing. I haven't really found anything healthy that can make up for it, until now! Ever since making them I feel that these energy balls can tame any sweet cravings I have! They're so rich and sweet but good for the body and really filling too. I have to start hiding them, they disappear way too fast in my house! 

Makes 8 energy balls

100 almonds
25g rolled oats
100g raisins
2 tbs water
Chocolate (optional)
Almond flour (optional)


1. Blitz the almonds and oats until course and put into a bowl
2. Blitz the raisins until they come together
3. Add the coarse almond and oats alongside the water into the blender
4. Blitz again until small pieces begin to join
5. Split mixture into eight and mold into balls
6. Decorate by drizzling chocolate and sprinkling almond flour
7. Put into the fridge until chocolate has set
8. Store in an airtight container in the fridge



  1. This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. These look absolutely delicious! And seem so easy to make too :) I love almonds, I wonder if you can make them with almond butter?

    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. They actually are so easy, took me about 10 minutes. I don't see why you can't try them with almond butter, you might have to adjust or add other ingredients though!

  3. Love these energy balls, Neeny! Love the fact that they're bite-sized and we can easily pop them into our mouths. And it's such a good idea to make them bite-sized to tame the sweet cravings like you mentioned! It'll certainly minimise the cravings, haha. :) Also, if I were to make them for my friends, and one of them is allergic to nuts, what solution would you suggest as an alternative to the almonds? Thank you for sharing! :)

    The Happy Candle

    1. Thank you Dian! Haha I'm hoping they will keep on working for me :) For your friend maybe try making it with just oats and other dried fruits or even seeds! I'll try making some and I'll let you know how they turn out when I do :)

    2. Oh that sounds like a great idea! Would love to see how they turn out too. Thank you! :)

    3. I'll do it soon and put it up!

  4. They look amazing! I already love energy balls, and I'll have to try your recipe soon! :)

    - Anne | annesmiles

    1. Yay, let me know if you liked them! :)

  5. I love energy balls, wish I liked almonds as well because these look so good! I used to make energy balls with peanuts, dates and cacao powder and I loved them, it was always hard not to eat the whole batch though, haha

    1. Ooo those sound really good! And haha, mine are all almost gone in 2 days!

  6. THESE LOOK AMAZING! I need to try them. They do look very delicious and filling :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  7. Oh I absolutely love the sound of these, and the best thing is, it's using ingredients that I already have in my kitchen. Fab recipe hun!


  8. This will definitely give me the energy I want plus it looks so delicious :) To a healthy living :)

    God Bless! | Mac of Estudyante Travels


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